Home Made Bass Fiddle


Introduction: Home Made Bass Fiddle

This is a full size Bass Fiddle that is relativey easy to make and is perfect for those that need a knock-around Bass. Its tone and volume could challenge a commercial full size Bass. At todays prices this Bass can be made for about $100. This bass can be built in one weekend depending on how much staining and cosmetics you want to add. The main body is made from standard 2 x 2 covered with standard good quality 1/4" plywood and commercial corner round. The tuning pegs are found on ebay for about $20 (brand new) and are made for a Fender electric bass. The strings are about $25 new and found on ebay also. The rest is all found at your local home improvement center. This Bass has everything a commercial Bass has except a "C" cut-out for use of a bow. The soundboard has a bass bar attached underneath. There is a permanently attached sound post, "F" holes, bridge, tail piece and tail pin.. I've also added a carrying handle. You can easily take the tailpin out and attach a tail pin with a wheel for transport. This is one Bass with sound and volume you expect but yet you don't feel guilty throwing this instrument into the back of a truck for your next gig. Below is a video that gives a complete description and reasonable demonstration of the sound.




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    I'm so excited to find this. My son wants to take Bass lessons on upright and there's no way we can swing the price of an upright. Even renting is $100 per month. I'm absolutely thrilled and can't wait to get started.

    Impressive, I was skeptical at first but after watching the video you made me a believer. It has a great folk art quality about it and I can see it covered in graffiti and taking center stage at any blue grass festival.

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    Thanks for the kind words. I would love to see it end up at a blue grass festival. I'm still hoping to find a "geezer squad" willing to play just for the fun of it. If anybody else would like to make one of these, I do have a complete set of building plans available in ebook format.

    This is very impressive. It looks and sounds good, and it's the first build your own upright bass that looks to be in my skillset and price range. I would be honored if you would share those plans with me.

    Great work!

    I very much appreciate the comments. The Bass works well and always draws interesting comments about the looks, idea, economic alternative, etc.
    If you are interested, the complete building plans are now available in ebook format at:
    Do a search for "Budget Bass". If you decided to build it I would be happy to answer any questions on the way and would welcome any suggestion or improvements.