I see in this Site many DIY of the homemade CNC and i construct one!
I only have photos that machine mounted. uring the manufacturing process I took a few photos.

I Construct the controller CNC3AX
It works perfectly

 You can visit my blog:  http://marcowilson.blog.com
Any question do not hesitate to contact me.
Sorry about my English
Looks like a great machine, but these are just pictures. There are no instructions of how to build the sub components, how to source them, what things cost (for example, how did you build the CNC3AX from other components, and how much did it cost?). <br> <br>Your link to your blog is...not a real link, since there is no domain name.
tanks for your comment <br> <br>CNC3AX cost +- 120&euro; in Portugal <br>And i buy the components and i assembly <br>And now, I post the new material about this controller! <br> <br>Sorry about that <br> <br> <br>http://marcowilson.blog.com/

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