Home Made DIY $1 Body Armor Idea for Physical Assault Protection





Introduction: Home Made DIY $1 Body Armor Idea for Physical Assault Protection

This is my idea for passive physical assault self defense only protection to be worn discretely in public in risky areas.



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    it s an interesting idea though not a very practical one. It only works I find they attack you empty handed and you still need to know how to use it

    Bear Armor:

    Just remember that this definitely meet the definition of a concealed weapon. It would be illegal to carry this in any state in the US. Obviously you have to weigh that risk with a risk of not having any type of weapon to protect yourself in a dangerous area. Just remember if you do get stopped by the police it would be considered a concealed weapon so take careful consideration before carrying it on a daily basis or in an area where you might be going through a security checkpoint.

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    Not quite, concealed weapons are allowed in the United States now. Where I live, you have to A: Have a permit to own a concealed weapon. B: Let it be known that you have a concealed weapon, if a permit is not available for the weapon type that you are carrying.

    I made this and no bully can mess with me @ school! A big thanks to you man!

    I support this idea but I would need to find a way to make it cover more area.

    im actually someone crazy enough to try this, and im sorry to say i agree with the other 2. unless this is used as forearm padding so it can also be use as a weapon, then more than likely whoever assaults you will get pissed, take the armor and use it too poke out ur eyes and more than likly use it themselves into some makeshift "brass" knuckles.......i just thought of this in a matter of 1 minute which should show how crazy i am. good try though.

    Basically it's a hedgehog defense strategy
    But I'm afraid this is highly non-practical...

    It seems to me that this was created as a sort of passive aggressive defense item and it seems to be directed toward those with no self defense training as an "easy defense." As a martial artist and self defense instructor, I would not recommend this to anyone. I see this item as doing more harm than good for the person wearing it even with the sponge protector. The main thing that changes your chances of survival is your will to do what is necessary to survive. Something like this might give you an extra second (if they hit the right place), but that doesn't matter if your to stunned by what's going on to take advantage of that second. Also, this could backfire if they hit you in a way that cause the spikes to stab the wearer.

    I'm all for thinking outside the box and coming up with new innovations and I applaud your efforts. However, I think this falls under the "there's a reason something like this has not been massively applied before" category.

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    "...if you're..."