Step 17: Making Your Collar

Making your collar:
Using my templates you can make a fairly accurate  judge dredd collar, I actually improved upon the template after making the collar for myself so it should be a mroe accurate size and shape when you make yours with my updated template. You will want to use white chalk to trace the two "U" shaped templates onto black pleather and the long strip template onto your black corduroy. Try to have the grain of the corduroy perpendicular to the strip. Be sure to check the pepakura file  and mark out which "U" shaped piece is the top piece and which is the bottom, this helps later on.

Cut out your material using scissors, you will also need more of your leather piping so have a good length of that on hand as well (the leather piping goes around the outside edge of the "U"). Once everything is cut out you can start sewing! Be sure to sew everything inside out so that you get nice clean edges. First take your two "U" shaped pieces and pin the inside edges together, make sure you have to top sides of the pleather facing eachother so that you are sewing this inside out. Once you have sewed around the inside edge of the pieces also sew one of the straight edges at the top of the "U", leave the other one as this will allow you to stuff the collar later on. (keep referencing the images above to see what I mean if it is unclear)

Next step is to sew your black corduroy onto the outer edge of the bottom piece of pleather, again doing this inside out. DO NOT sew the curduroy to the outer edge of the top piece. 

The next step is to sandwich your pleather piping in between the outer edge of the top "U" piece of pleather and your corduroy. Be sure to have the piped section facing inside as this is again for sewing the whole thing inside out. Pin these three pieces together at regular intervals to hold it all together, It is best at this point to hand sew along this edge but you can attempt to use your sewing machine if you wish. 

You can now turn the collar inside out through the small flat edge you left un-sewn. Once turned inside out you can stuff the collar through the same small hole, stuff it well but dont make it too stiff, stuff it just enough for it to be plump and rounded. Finally to finish off the collar you can sew up the small hole. To do this fold all the material into the hole slightly and pinch down, while pinching down you will need to hand sew across the material you have pinched together. 
<p>I can't get the templates to download w/o all sorts of things popping up that make my antivirus go insane, or requiring money. THe RFP site link has the same problem. Is there another download location for the templates?</p>
<p>OK, got the images to download, but when I print out the helmet - nothing lines up. I'm using Adobe to print out the 10 pages, but I don't know if Adobe is scaling something on its own - because when I line up the pages, the cutouts won't align. Any thoughts?</p>
<p>Hello! I tried the links for the downloads, but it takes me to 4shared and my computer freaks out about downloading from there. Anti-virus jumps in and won't let any of the links to work. </p><p>Am I doing something wrong? Or how do I work 4shared?</p><p>Thanks!</p><p>Ed</p>
<p>I figured out how to download I found and the helmet files here: </p><p><a href="http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=167675" rel="nofollow">http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=167675</a></p><p>Happy Building!</p>
<p>I second wyrden's comment. And is the only to download the files is pay the 9.95? All other options are bloatware installers. Thanks!</p>
<p>It looks like Dung0beetle's site is abandoned and up for sale, and your downloads don't have the actual helmet file. Is there any way you could upload that? This looks like a great costume template and I'd love to use it.</p>
<p>i cant get it the prints....(all) only have the shin and the collar...somebody can help me??</p>
<p>Sorry about that, not sure what happened there but ive updated it to include the rest of the files again</p>
<p>Just what I was looking for, thanks for the guide!</p>
<p>really great tutorial. im gonna do this for halloween, but add some of my flare to it. great build!</p>

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