Home-made Fuelless Cookery. on the Beach. Marmite Norvegienne, Le Test. Cocinar Sin Fuego La Prueba





Introduction: Home-made Fuelless Cookery. on the Beach. Marmite Norvegienne, Le Test. Cocinar Sin Fuego La Prueba

Fuelless cookery in action. Get off the grid and on to the beach. Testing our two home-made fuelless cookers.
Public Domain Music from Nowick Gray and Eugene Neptune, GreenEarthForever: http://archive.org/details/Nimba
Testons notre deux marmites norvégiennes fabrication maison. Hors du réseau sur la plage.

Cocinar sin fuego,  la prueba - fuera de la red eléctrica.



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    Thanks for sharing, this info is very useful.

    You are very welcome! Good to hear from you and hope everything is going well. All the very Best, Andy

    I cook this way every day. I take the crock pot out of the insulated box each morning and eat a portion for breakfast. It is usually fairly cool by then. It is back in its base by now and turned on. I add ingredients (whatever fits my fancy for that day) and let it come to a boil. Then it is back into the haybox cooker till the next day. Which is a cooler with blankets in it. This is some of the healthiest best tasting food you can make.

    I've been flirting with slow cooking for quite a while now. My wife's afraid of bacteria developing at low temperatures. What should I tell her?

    To get the cooker to work, the food is put in at boiling point but because this is very quick, you do not destroy as many nutrients. The optimum would be to eat food raw, which we do, including raw organic dairy. All the food we eat is organic, from small, and certainly, with the meat, local producers. What would worry us would be prolonged high temperature cooking using (most) vegetable fats, which become denatured, that way one would be destroying all food value and creating dangerous toxins within the food. The information is all out there on the web, your wife needs to get googling and look what cooking methods do to food, in particular oils. If she is still worried, then all she has to do is reheat the food when it comes out of the fuelless cooker. It will also give you the crispy topping on such foods as usually have it, such as we did with the cassoulet. Either way you get a healthier and more delicious meal. Think also about local and organic for your meat, if you don't eat it already. This form of cooking also means you can afford to pay the extra price for quality food because you don't need as much, the slow cooking melds all the flavours and organic food is tastier anyway. One duck's leg, one sausage, a couple of small pieces of ham made us five meals for two over 4 days. All the very best Andy