Hot, hot, hot!

Here is a quick way to keep stay cool with a style.

We will need:

✔ Styrofoam box

✔ Fan - more powerful, better. We used USB fan, but 12v fan would do a better job

✔ Glass bottle and bottle cutter to make a tube (We used Ephrem's Bottle Cutter)

Or you can use a plastic tube if you want. Glass looks cool :)

✔ 2 diodes, battery holder with batteries, switch

✔ Other: glue, cables, plastic sleeve, black acrylic paint, painter tape, etc.

Step 1:

First of all, we covered the painting area with painters tape, then

we painted one of the sides black.

Acrylic paint is great for this job.

<p>so leds are a luxory</p>
<p>Yours looks like 's the best!</p>
<p>whats the rifill duratiob...?</p>
<p>This look awesome, gotta love a air conditioner hack during summer. Thanks for sharing!</p>
This is very nice! Might I suggest renaming this to 'Evaporative Cooler,' or 'Swamp cooler' so it can be found easier. An air conditioner, by design, cools and removes moisture from the air. An evaporative cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water (and by adding moisture to the air).
<p>Thanks for the tip :)</p>
<p>Awesome! I've seen a few versions of these, but this one has the most polished look! I really like the glass tube and led lighting. What type of bottle cutter is that? I'd like to get one.</p>
<p>Cheers.</p><p>It's Ephrem's Bottle Cutter</p>

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