Today we fabricate a LED bulb, recycling material we have at home.
We need the following materials:

  • Bulb used
  • Switch Transformer 220V - DC 12V 1A.
  • White LED strip
  • Plastic pipe

Step 1: Dismantle the Bulb

Dismantle the bulb to utilize the cap.
I remind you that the inside bulb must be dispose in a recycling point.

Step 2: Dismantle the Transformer

Dismantle the transformer, and solder wires to 220V metal parts.

Step 3: Assembly

Insert the bulb cap and the transformer inside the plastic pipe.

Step 4: Sticking Strips

We glued the LED strips on the plastic tube
Soldering strips together with special attention to the polarity soldering the output of the transformer

Step 5: The Result

This is the result:
The cilinder plastic should be drilled to keep the leds cool and you can use one long strip to avoid soldering<br>Inside you can mount those cheap remote controls for on/off or color change depending on the LED strip
<p>Strips have limited air access.</p><ol><li>Does it have enough cooling?<li>How bright it is in comparison to 40W, 100W incandescent?<li>What wattage leds are on the strip?</ol>
that's cool! I bet it is very efficient!

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