Home Made LED Bulb





Introduction: Home Made LED Bulb

Today we fabricate a LED bulb, recycling material we have at home.
We need the following materials:

  • Bulb used
  • Switch Transformer 220V - DC 12V 1A.
  • White LED strip
  • Plastic pipe

Step 1: Dismantle the Bulb

Dismantle the bulb to utilize the cap.
I remind you that the inside bulb must be dispose in a recycling point.

Step 2: Dismantle the Transformer

Dismantle the transformer, and solder wires to 220V metal parts.

Step 3: Assembly

Insert the bulb cap and the transformer inside the plastic pipe.

Step 4: Sticking Strips

We glued the LED strips on the plastic tube
Soldering strips together with special attention to the polarity soldering the output of the transformer

Step 5: The Result

This is the result:



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    The cilinder plastic should be drilled to keep the leds cool and you can use one long strip to avoid soldering
    Inside you can mount those cheap remote controls for on/off or color change depending on the LED strip

    Strips have limited air access.

    1. Does it have enough cooling?
    2. How bright it is in comparison to 40W, 100W incandescent?
    3. What wattage leds are on the strip?

    that's cool! I bet it is very efficient!