Home Made PCB





Introduction: Home Made PCB

Read more about this Home made PCB guide on my web site: DIY PCB. First step prepare the SCH and PCB files.

Step 1: Step 2 of Home Made Pcb

Prepare the copper PCB and the print the PCB layout

Step 2: Step 3 of Home Made Pcb

Print the PCB layout on a glossy paper

Step 3: Step 4

Clean the copper surface.

Step 4: Step 5

Cover the copper surface with the printed glossy paper

Step 5: Step 6

Using an fully heated iron transfer the tonner to the copper surface. More interesting DIY projects on my web site.

Step 6: Step 7

Immerse in hot water the PCB and clean the residual paper from the surface.

Step 7: Step 8

Immerse the PCB in ferric chloride. More images with this DIY PCB project on my webpage.

Step 8: Step 9

Prepare the components and drill holes in the PCB for them.

Step 9: Step 10

Prepare the copper surface of the PCB for soldering.

Step 10: Step 11

Solder the components in to the PCB, cut the excess leads and make a final inspection before you power up the system!



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You can do it without iron https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-Circuits-Pcb-Without-Iron/

Thank you for a great tutorial I love it

Good day sir! I am just curious of what software you used in making the pcb layout? I'm not really familiar with the software upon seeing the snapshot. Thank you!

Yes it's expressPCB.

I believe it's expressPCB, a free package.. :)