Introduction: Home Made Turtle House

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This is my first instructables, i hope you enjoy this, as far as the idea is really simple.

Step 1: Wake Up: I Grew Up!

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A turtle grows 2 mm per month, so his house maybe can become close in a short time. It is time to change the air! my objective? A real-similar house, simple and functional ( and bigger, of course! )

Step 2: What You Need Is...?

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Here simple tools you need to do it ( "Electric Hacksaw" is the answer to all problem)

1) Alternative Electric Hacksaw ( or simple Hacksaw if you dont have it)

2) Orbital Sander ( to smooth the wood, if you dont have it use simple sandpaper)

3) some Silicon (to seal the points where too much air enter)

4) Screws and Nails

5) Hammer

6) Some piece of wood, i used only oak in this project

7) ass

Step 3: With Fantasy and Nails!

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As you can see first I built the house, then I did the project ;) (only for you)

I put 2 axes on the structure to stiffen

Step 4: We Continue to Work

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Add the other pieces

Step 5: Roof Way

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For the roof you can use any kind of wood ( must be thick enough). Luckily i founded this splendid piece, the measure are approximately 21 height and 32 length. Time to cut again!

You can also join the 2 pieces, i decided to leave a hole in the middle, only for esthetic (you see in the next step what i have used to seal it)

Step 6: Finish It!

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This is my finished work, i added a piece of oak with cortex on the edge, to seal the structure

After all i added also some silicon about the piece in the edge and some points, and I gave it 2 coats of paint resistant to water.

I hope you enjoyed my instructable!, this is very simple to do with only some piece of wood and fantasy! you don't need much step to do it!

See you later!


skirmishmonkey (author)2014-09-01

That's a tortoise. Turtles are amphibious tortoises are land dwelling mostly to be found in arid areas. Completely different creatures. Physically, turtles are more streamlined and have flatter shells, tortoises have a more domed shell.
Apart from that, nice build!

Jakido (author)skirmishmonkey2014-09-01

that's because i'm Italian, i missed the difference between turtle and tortoise in english, sorry for that! ;) , thx!

neetz (author)2014-08-27

very cute turtle!

lumpyspacePrincess410 (author)2014-08-26

I...I... LOVE IT

quinault (author)2014-08-26

wow, a turtle hut

Cello62 (author)2014-08-25

Nice job!!

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