Step 4: Future plans

Picture of Future plans
There is a lot of cosmetic things that I need to finish to make the UTV look a bit more polished. I have already started to shroud under the seat with PVC panel and plastic fasteners. The sides behind the wheel wells I am thinking of using fiberglass to continue the contour from the Rhino wheel well.

The machine is a bit noisy! Especially the bed. I plan to paint with something like Rhino lining to help muffle the steel rattling.

The Transaxle has a shaft for four wheel drive. I may run a shaft up to the front and replace the hubs and add a differential.
All in all the machine works great for yard-work. I managed to get it up to 20-mph. I little bigger engine would be nice.

I left out a bunch of things on this instructable. If you have any questions let me know.
rayfalcon2 years ago
whats the total vehicle weight non loaded dry weight? also How would it do if you took and got a little subaru wrx engine, a 4 cylinder engine or just added a turbo to the engine that you have on there now? and maybe wire a tuner chip or peformance chip into the mix with any of the engines. another thought that you might be able to do is synch 2 engines same size and everything one to drive the front axle and one for the rear axle, this way you get more speed possibly, less strain on one engine and if necessary you could always just run one engine and kick the other in only when needed