Home made Watermelon slices

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Seasonalfruit for the moment is watermelon.Almost every day I have been drinking fresh watermelon Juice.I have made these Home made watermelon slices in three different ways for the children.They prefer this more than the juice.This is pretty easy to make,you can have it iced or as it is.(Not to freeze )

Please note that there is NO gelatine or Jello added in this recipe.

IMPORTANT - The main project is '' Home made watermelon slices.

I have shown two other variation as how to make with chaina moss alone and strawberries

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Step 1: Ingredients

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Chaina moss (Agar Agar)

Tukmaria -Edible vegetable seeds

Sugar to taste



Red food coloring

Step 2: Soak & Cook

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Chaina moss is called agar agar.This is a type of see weed which I use alot in summer to make faluda / milk shake as it is very cooling for the body.This is too expensive here in Germany,so I always get it down from Asia.

Take a big handful of chaina moss cut into small pieces and soak in 2 -3 cups of water over night.Next day cook on slow flame until it dissolves completely.If you require more water you can add more.Time to time keep stiring with a wooden spoon.Once it dissolves it will become thicker and sticky and the quantity will reduce.

Step 3: Cut watermelon Cups

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In the mean time while the chaina moss is cooking prepare the watermelon cups. Cut the watermelon on both sides to make 2 cups.See image 1.

Scoop out all the yummy stuffs ( you need this) out and place on top of a bowl,so that it will balance properly.

Step 4: Watermelon slices

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With the scooped out pulp make fresh watermelon juice using the liqudiser.I never add sugar to most of the fresh juices.So it is up to you to add sugar or not.Mix chainamoss liquid and watermelon juice together ,stir well and pour it into the watermelon cup.Immediately throw in some tukmaria seeds on top.It won't take too long to set.Once it is set if the watermelon cup is big,cut the skin around the cup and make it to the same level.image 6. Cut them into any shape you like.


shazni6 months ago

congrats on making the finalist! Hope you get what you wish for!

zeyanimisbah6 months ago

congrats on being a finalist :)

Passion Make6 months ago

Congrats to you too :)

Listonic7 months ago

Great and creative recipe! And a final look of this dessert is great! But we suppose that it would be a little hard to get chaina moss. Can anybody suggest any place to get it? ;-)
We have less 'exotic' ideas for encouraging our children to watermelons: we just give them the sweetest ones! ;-D There is a hack, we mentioned on onced: to find the sweetest watermelon while shopping in the market, check if it has brown, dry stem. If it has, it will be very sweet. Proven on our children. :-D Anyway, if it happened to you to buy a bit unripe watermelon, you can always use that crazy hack: . :-)

786Ayesha (author)  Listonic7 months ago

Thank you for your kind words :) This is not only creative,also known as magic watermelon slices for kids.You can try Indian or pakistani shops for chaina moss.They have in small pakets (chaina moss powder)Sorry for the late reply as I had a house full of visitors staying over.

Thanks a lot! Next time we will be wandering around the city and will see Indian/Pakistani shop, we would come in and check if they have chaina moss! Have a nice time with your family and visitors! :-)

Bhawya7 months ago

It exactly looks like a real watermelon.. Great job :)

786Ayesha (author)  Bhawya7 months ago

Yes,your correct.This idea came in my sleep.

Good job! Looks great...

786Ayesha (author)  sabina delpinoh7 months ago

Thank you Sabina!

jinnyccc7 months ago

Awesome Votted!

786Ayesha (author)  jinnyccc7 months ago

Thank you and appreciate your vote.

ECHO_SAMI7 months ago
It looks very nice!
786Ayesha (author)  ECHO_SAMI7 months ago

Thank you!

Mirzana7 months ago
Voted! Your projects are awesome
Serodie7 months ago

Looks extremely yummy. I will have to try these. Thanks for posting!!

786Ayesha (author)  Serodie7 months ago


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i see a winner

786Ayesha (author)  ajishyama7 months ago

Vote for me to win :)

PiotrS7 months ago

to bad im lazy i wuld try it must be nice

786Ayesha (author)  PiotrS7 months ago

summer will come to an end soon,and then it's hard to find Watermelon.So better try it now.

Passion Make7 months ago

Wow Yumm!!

786Ayesha (author)  Passion Make7 months ago

Welcome dear!

shazni7 months ago

What a great idea to use watermelons as molds! :-)

786Ayesha (author)  shazni7 months ago

The main project is Home made watermelon slices.I have shown another two variation.Edited,read above.

That's amazing Ayesha! I didn't know you could use anything else but gelatine to make it hold up like that. I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing!

786Ayesha (author)  DeandrasCrafts7 months ago

Surprising that you didn't know about chainamoss.Mostly used for desserts too.

zeyanimisbah7 months ago

Goood idea using agar agar instead of gelatine. **thumbs up**

786Ayesha (author)  zeyanimisbah7 months ago

Welcome! Zeyani