How to make a simple air lock for home-brewing.

Step 1: What You Will Need

> Small clear container (film canister size)
> Ordinary drinking straw
> Sealant (I used blu-tack
> Tape
> Bottle (for alcohol)
> Suitable lid for bottle
> Drill
> Scissors

<p>what will you do with the second hole of blue cap ? thanks</p>
<p>it's just to allow gas to escape</p>
What is an air lock? I don't speak English, pardon.
&nbsp;Hi when you are making home brew you need to allow the carbon dioxide gas produced by the yeast to escape but you also need to stop harmful airborne bacteria and mould spores from getting to the brew. An airlock&nbsp;allows&nbsp;the carbon dioxide to bubble out through the water but&nbsp;doesn't&nbsp;allow the air into the brew. Hope this helps feel free to ask for more clarification.
Thanks, very much. Good explanation.<br />

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