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I needed a cheap and easy way of storing my arrows and transporting them. I found using a PVC quiver is both of that. This is really easy to make and works really good. Pretty much all you need is PVC pipe, an end cap for the PVC and paracord for your sling. I had a random sling around that I tied the paracord to for the sling.

I find 2 inch pvc works the best

Step 1: Supplies:

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two inch PVC pipe

two inch PVC cap

shoulder sling


camo duct tape

Step 2: Tools

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Drill- drilling holes for paracord for sling

Recpricating saw- cuting the PVC pipe

Sand paper- sanding down the cut PVC pipe

Marker- marking PVC for cutting

Tape measure measuring PVC

PVC Glue gluing PVC cap on PVC

Step 3: Making:

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The first thing your gonna wanna do is to decided how long you want your PVC holder to be.

I cut mine to two feet long.

Glue 2 inch PVC cap on the two foot piece of PVC.

Drill two holes on on each end of the PVC in line with each other.

I used a 3/8 drill bit for the hole.

I had a sling laying around that was broke that I tied para cord to for the sling.

You could use just paracord for the string as well.

Step 4: Using

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add arrows and adjust the sling to a good size that fits you.


tshallow74 (author)2014-09-19

How did you apply the Camo duct tape? Did you wrap it around or apply lengthwise?

gman47 (author)2014-06-11

your feathers are bad really get new ones

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