Introduction: Home-made Audio Amplifier

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Is is the very cheap audio amplifier which u can made at home..
it helps to change tone,gain,bass n clarity of songs...
u can also connect ur cellphone and get output from speakers or headphones as u wish.. :) 

Step 1: Components

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to make this project u wil need :
1- LM 386 semiconductor (IC)
2- 100 micro Farad capacitor
3- 220 micro Farad capacitor ( acts as bass controll)
4- 10 ohm resistor
5- 5 kilo ohm variable resistor (acts as gain controll)
6- 100 ohm variable resistor
7- 0.01u capacitor
8- 0.047u capacitor
9- Wires
10- 9V Battery clip
11- 9V Battery
12- 3.5mm stereo jack male
13- 3.5mm stereo jack female
14- Breadboard (or you can use dotted board and solder)

Step 2: Circuit Building

Picture of Circuit Building

connect the circuit as showwn in following diagrams:

if u dont know about 3 pins of audio jack then search on google.....


Step 3: Testing & Finishing

nw test ur system by connecting ur audio device to male jack n headphones to female jack or directly to speakers....
use screw driver to change resistances which changes tones & gain, volumes of ur song & makes it more coool.........!!!!!!!!!

post comments if u know smthing more about that which makes amplifier more cheap & more cool....!! 


Drasa (author)2013-09-01

Great job stealing someone else's instructable. You must be SO proud of yourself right now.

Pranjal Joshi (author)Drasa2014-04-26

Lol.. I just copied a photo.?

khalidco2010 (author)2014-04-26

May Allah reward you well


bendyo (author)2012-11-26

ako c bendyola pogi

Amar143institute (author)2012-09-26


jay-art (author)2012-03-18

what transistor should I use to replace the LM386?.because we are not allowed to use it.:).please help me..Thanks.

jay-art (author)2012-03-18

what transistor should I use to replace the LM386?.because we are not allowed to use it.:).please help me..Thanks.

ajinkyadixit (author)2011-12-14


ajinkyadixit (author)2011-12-14


Robot Lover (author)2011-12-13

What rimar means is that he uses google translate to view instructables because he doesn't speak English. It would be a good idea in general to fix any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes so google translate can translate it for him. I know how much it gets on my nerves when I can't view a web page because it won't translate. Cool project!

rimar2000 (author)2011-12-13

Please use plain English or another language.

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