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This is my attempt of coming up with a way to control the amount of amps going into my pole pig, using two microwave oven transformers wired  to draw 7-14 amps,  the  MOT transformers were modified by cutting part of the core so it can move and vari the inductance.

I did some tests and it does work for limiting the power, but will draw a minimum of 3 amps per transformer


HVahead (author)2011-10-04

where the hell did you manage to get a pole pig, amazing1 wont sell to anyone without certification...please tell!

examola (author)2009-12-04

Cool and simple!   

So does it work?  And if so, how well?   

Did you actually have to cut the core?  Or was that an existing interface between the E and I shaped portions?   

inductionheat! (author)examola2009-12-06

I had to cut the core.
I was controling 240V with two of them (2 phase) 120 volts per phase.

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