The incredible camera stand
This idea came to me when i saw that cameras have a hole below them with some grooves
The tripod people make undue advantage of our unawareness

So I made this and could even shoot some videos for youtube-

anyway, this super cheap camera stand is gonna save your bucks!
You can modify it by just placing the screw in any kind of holder or make a holder for yourself
Also, you can 3D print holders with a hole to get going

1/4"-20 thread.(american) i.e. 1/4" dia. X 20 threads per inch.

Step 1: The parts

parts needed
- a 1/4" 20 thread/inch bolt - atleast 1.5 inches in length
- few nuts to fit in the bolt
- few washers
-a 1/2" wide ring(not necessary)
- a ponted kinfe /scisor /or anything to make a hole in the plastic container
- a suitable spanner/wreach
- a plastic container- atleast 1.5" in diameter and 1.5" tall (you can use medicene containers/cosometic ontainers/candy containers etc.)
a wooden stand with a hole to fit the bolt in( you can make one yourself as I did )
a metallic clamp with 2 holes for mounting on a bicycle
a 3d printed structure suitable for the project

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