Cannoli is a wonderful dessert. Wanted to make it myself, but one in town carries the forms in inventory. They said they could order them. With that challenge, people suggested using broomsticks, copper pipe, and other assorted objects which I was not sure they were safe to use.  One person jokingly suggested using the foil cookie sheets to make the forms. I hopped over the Dollar store and picked up two for a dollar. I took them home and created this instructable. I would have to pay twenty dollars or more at the retail kitchenware stores for the forms. We made ours for a dollar. Enjoy.

Note: Cannoli are made with chocolate. Actually you could use the forms for any cookie that you might want to have a filling. Simple sugar cookies could be baked with these forms tor making unusual shapes. One of my first forms came apart before I modified the design. Otherwise they worked great.

Step 1: What You Need.

Two cookie sheets (a dollar at the Dollar store).

Knife or old scissors.
Ruler or other straight edge and measuring tape.
Broom, pipe, or pvc tube (under 1" diameter)  for the form.

Cool idea. I guess you could use those for any cookies that needed a filling.

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