Home Made Enema Device.





Introduction: Home Made Enema Device.

People have asked me why I look so youthful, beautiful, have a glaring soft and unblemished glowing skin, despite of my age of wisdom.
I told them, "I drink lot's of lemon juice", but that's a lie.

My secret is garlic in a juicer and strong black coffee, passing inside me using a tube, if you know what's enema means, it's a
way to put liquid inside you via your anus, using a simple device.

Of course I need to fast for all the solid waste to be removed easily, but I never fast long enough, I admit that I like food, and our family
have very social food tradition, we enjoy food alot. What I do is I fast continually, or they say, intermittent fasting.

As I have observed, some people who take longer fast like 40 days, never fast again, why? - because of course it's hard, as they experience it, but
for me, the key to fasting is that it must be fault-tolerant, with continuity. So if I can't fast for 2 days, then I'll eat, so I can fast for the
next day. and it works wonderfully well for me, besides the more you fast, the greater you increase the amount of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF),
which makes you much smarter, and can give you an attitude of an alpha-male--which is really cool!

So about the enema, I put 5 cloves (not the whole bulb) of garlic in a juicer, and dillute it in a 1.5L bottle filled with water, It's a great start to
coffee enema, since 1, it will kill the parasites in your colon (we all have parasites-FYI), 2, you get all the helpful benefits of garlic directly
into your bloodstream, and 3, you'll retain the coffee enema much efficiently (because you cannot retain garlic enema longer--trust me).
About the parasites, if your butt is itching, you'll need a garlic enema.

Then the coffee enema, I use strong black coffee, but I also use instant coffee, 6 tablespoon of coffee dilluted in 1.5L bottle, with warm body-temperature water.
Oh, coffee enema is the holy grail of all enemas, because 1, it filters your blood (because your liver acts like a dialysis machine to remove toxins in your blood),
2, releases the toxins in your liver and bile, 3, force your body to produce more glutathione-S-transferese antioxidant recycler, which is really popular among hollywood
stars, because glutathione not only benefits the body of anti-oxidants, it also has a side effect of making your skin glow.

Now coffee enema is different than taking L-Glutathione suppliments, because instead of weeks to see the results, you'll see the results in just minutes--literally!

So just look at the pictures to begin your enema right away, and by the way, use vitamin E to lubricate the tube, and don't forget to sterilize the tube in boiling hot water, before and after use.

You'll need a 1 meter tube, funnel, scissors, hot water or lighter.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

Here i have a 1.5 liter empty coke bottle, scissor, tube, and a funnel.

Step 2: Inserting the Funnel

using a hot water or a lighter, heat the other end of the tube so you can insert the funnel.

Step 3: Softening the Other End

take the other end, then using a scissor, insert the tube inside so it'll be smooth. You may need to use a hot water, or cut the side of the tube to completely insert it.

and basically that's it.

next, prepare for your garlic and coffee enema, and put it inside the 1.5L bottle (separately).



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    LOL @ Kiteman
    LOL @ everyone arguing with Kiteman
    If all you have to do is argue about an enema, then OMG you need to get a life!!!!!

    Bottom line - do it if you want, else don't do it.

    On the lighter side I imagine this would really put the stink in your farts.

    Wow this is the biggest load I have ever read. This sounds like those bogus doctors that are on at 3am. "Glutathione-S-transferese antioxidant recycler" do not exist on any reputable sight. Injecting things like garlic water and into your intestines can inflame them. Any one who tries this is looking for a hospital visit.

    The only reason why people put coffee in them to induce a bowel movement due to its lubricating abilities. The only time medical professionals even use enemas is only in extreme emergencies. Otherwise it is done intravenously.

    Besides sticking a dirty tube in your bum could cause an abrasion on the colon causing horrible infections.

    For the safety of the uninformed I recommend you take this down.

    Snake oil - If this was beneficial every doctor would insist we all do it.


    Clebs doing this isn't a good recommendation.

    I will bow to superior knowledge if a reputable source of information can be cited.

    signed up just to say kudos, kiteman. i recently started an enema kit and feel better now but love objectivity. and a favorite quote- "Intelligence: Not because you know everything without questioning, but rather you question everything you think you know." - unknown

    Enemas have no health benefits beyond the temporary relief of constipation.

    If one is constipated enough to consider an enema, one should increase the amount of fibre (roughage) and fluid in one's diet.

    Any apparent benefits felt from this particular example of quackery will be purely due to the absorption of caffeine through the walls of the lower intestine, an effect which can be achieved with much less discomfort, and in more sociable conditions, with a nice cup of coffee.

    The reason a garlic enema is "retained" so briefly is because the garlic is an irritant. It damages the lining of the intestines.

    The effects of garlic on intestinal fauna are, at best, questionable. If it is toxic enough to damage them, it is toxic enough to damage you.

    The wholesale slaughter of your internal ecosystem usually has long-term detrimental effects: clearing out the niches occupied by organisms that have grown and evolved along with you makes space for much less beneficial parasites, as can be testified by anybody who has had to take powerful antibiotics.

    The antibiotics kill the native, "good" bacteria, and leave space for drug-resistant bacteria to spread unrestricted throughout the body - the bacteria living within you have co-evolved with you, and have been co-opted by your body as part of your immune system. Kill the bacteria you have, and they cannot defend your body against further infection.

    what about the glutathione-S-transferese antioxidant recycler, or the part where the coffee enema opens the nephrons so they filter your blood, and how this quickly releases the toxins in your liver and bile? are there any liver specialists who can verify whether these things actually happen? and how would putting garlic down the opposite hole damage you if when you eat garlic the effects are beneficial? dont most people have an intestinal lining that can handle things like garlic? theres a mucus lining there, right? i dont know i'm not a specialist, but i'm pretty sure if you clean out your natural flora, and replace it with acidophilus, theres no harm done long-term. putting an antibiotic in your butt wont spread unrestricted throughout the body and kill all the bacteria you have

    "Not a specialist" - do you even know what "glutathione-S-transferese antioxidant recycler" means? The author certainly doesn't - google for that exact phrase, and you only get two proper hits: this instructable, and your comment.

    Just because it is described using long, mis-spelled words, and the author claims it is popular with un-named Holloywood stars, that does not make it good science.

    Read the Instructable properly, translate the long words into English, and the author even claims that starving yourself makes you smarter!

    Scholarly articles for glutathione-S-transferase antioxidant recycler
    The functions of inter- and intracellular glutathione … - Foyer - Cited by 118
    Reactive oxygen species, antioxidants, and the … - Nordberg - Cited by 737
    … of light history on retinal antioxidants and light damage … - Penn - Cited by 105
    Search Results

    First results... This page doesn't come up for quite a few... And quite a few other results were before it including a (dot)gov and an MD site...

    Sorry fool, enemas are EXTREMELY good for you. Are you a homophobic as well? One of many psuedoscientific religious nuts?

    Wrong on many counts. "retinal antioxidants and light damage"? If you're expecting an enema to do something about your retina, you are even more ignorant than you are impolite!

    Try Google Scholar for that exact phrase (don't you read posts before you try and disagree with them?), and you get exactly zero hits.

    Do you know how Google works? Ever heard of Boolean logic? Leave off the quote-marks, and you get every website that mentions those words somewhere in it, even if they are not on the same page.

    That's why you got links to the effects of anti-oxidants on (in the order you quote them)...
    • enzyme transport in plants;
    • rat eyesight;
    • cellular-level immunomodulation
    ...when you were actually looking for the effects of an enema.

    Fool? Not me, my friend. One of the skills I have, as a science teacher, is the ability to read the stuff I intend to present as evidence in support of my position, and to realise when the presentation of that evidence would make me look like an uneducated troll, rather than the informed individual I actualy am.

    (And where on earth do you come off accusing me of homophobia and religious pseudoscience?  A word of advice for your future trolling activities - do a little bit of background-checking before you decide to take somebody on. Maybe you ought to go back to staying up late, eating Skittles and watching Vin Diesel films...)