Step 7: [Update] Few Days Later...

As you see some white particles precipitated (this is the right word? :P) from the water-paint solution. And in a cold enviroment they don't want to mix. So this could be either annoying or a unplanned visual effect.

Also making bigger bubles is hard for a cold bottle.
 do you have to keep adding alka seltzer?
I you want to keep it going, then yes. But at some point the mixture will become saturated with with the tablet's remains. A this point I don't know if it will work any more.<br />
&nbsp;aww thats too bad... does anyone know how to build a lava lamp that stays going by itself?
there's also another way with benzilic alcohol, and salty water (4.8 % of salt), with tis method you must use the bulb under the bottle otherwise it doesen&acute;t work YOU CAN SEE THE RESULTS HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQEvSLmi0tk&amp;feature=related
Yes, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u6JE3TKBg4 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZbMmH-y8hY&amp;feature=related made with mineral oil, alcohol 70%, alcohol 95%, oil based coloring, and trementin
This will only work as untill teh tablets disolve. correct?
i would really like the answer to this question too does it only make bubbles until the tablets dissolve?? what if u use a closed container plz reply
It should also work when heated up. That's what I aim for, but as for now I'm lacking materials and time :/
Sweet, I've made several attempts @ a lava lamp, but none of them were successful =(<br/><br/>One question: Will you get big blobs eventually, or will these micro-blobs perpetually float and sink?<br/>
The blobs will later go down and form a larger one, and those with CO<sub>2</sub> will go up (if you leave the bottle open). But those are observations on a cold bottle only :/<br/>
Since it's probably been a decent amount of time, could you post pics of the larger blobs etc? Perhaps even a video??
Unfortunaetly I didn't get them :/ I don't have the materials to build a proper bulb housing. But shaking a cold bottle only makes the small ones... There will be a small update mabye later today (GMT +1 of course ;), because the water-colours have appeared to be a bad choice :/
its awesome personaly i like the small blobs, because you spin it around a bunch and it looks awesome (exspshaly when its heated)
Yeah i have the same question will they ever become blobs ? Nice instructable tho good work

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