How to make a potato gun with easy to get materials (just fires a small piece of potato, not a whole one)

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
- A syringe
- A small, hollow metal tube (one can be found in a Staples RE-VU pen)
- A potato
- A 3cm piece of chopstick or wood of a similar size
- A pair of hands
- Scissors
- Electrical tape
 can you use a hollowed out pen tube instead of a metal rod?
you might be able to, but ive tried larger barrels (not neccesarly a pen tube), and it seems that there is just not enough air pressure to dispel the bit of potato with enough force
 dude nice i couldnt use a peizo sparker because i kept breaking them :P but your instructable is like the only one on the site that doesnt need actual propelant! good job.

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