Introduction: Home Made Summer Dress

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I've been thinking  "could you actually sew a dress?"
So I made this!!

-  at normal body shape and about 170 cm body size you need 180cmx150cm fabric.
- stretch-band
- sewing machine and utensils
- bar of soap
- measuring tape

Step 1: Measure

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First need to determine the dimensions of the body, you want to make the dress for.
The dress comes to just above the knees.

best to measure:
- chest circumference
- height of upper body
- circumference of hips
- from hip to just before the knees

Step 2: Draw and Cut Out

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Best to take some more meters, i have always added 2 cm to each piece.

Step 3: Stitch Up

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Turn every piece over and sew each one together, from the inside at a distance of about 1 cm from the edge.
Fix the material with needles and mark it, then sew it.
After that cut the out-standing material.

Step 4: Neckline

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Cut out a triangle in the middle at the chest and fold the edge about 1 cm inwards and sew it all around from the outside.

Step 5: Back

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A stretch band on top of the chest and one a little below the middle of the back. So the dress is applied to the body. I have taken 5 cm pieces.

IMPORTANT! The stretch band must be fully extended, when it move in, it should be slightly take the fabric at the same time with it. Than sew both together.

Step 6: Shoulder Straps

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Now sew two straps and adjust the length to the person who will carrier the dress.
At the widest point (in the middle), it is 2 cm wide at the narrowest (at both end) 1cm.

Step 7: Skirt

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The skirt consists of two parts, a small and a large.
!!!The skirts are twice as long as hip width, to make the wave pattern!!!
Both parts get below around it a small 1 cm rim.

Sew both ends together and pull a cord(as long as hip-width) through above. Now you can, with some skill, generate the wave pattern.
Sew both parts together, the upper about 5cm overlap in the lower.

Step 8: Finishing

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Now even sew the skirt and the top together and you finish it.
I have made from ​​the rest fabric a ribbon for the hip.
At the end you can still attach your initials or something like that.


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