It is simple, cheap and a great way to spend your time.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-soldering iron

-thick wire

Step 2: Step 1 First Kind

cut the board on the dimension of an father usb, check it (4holes)
cut the wire and insert it in which hole you want (I put it on the 4th)

Step 3: Step 2 First Kind

solder it at the ends

Step 4: Step1 Second Kind

I brought an chinese board and I had on it some cooper things and I used them to make an usb
I cut it at the right dimensions (3 things)and polished the middle thing because there are the data contacts on the mother plug

Step 5: Step 2 Second Kind

solder on the cooper part

Step 6: Result

2 kinds of usb
if it will break into the usb port it can be simply pulled out with pliers
What do you use this for? The solder blobs look too thick, and there are only two of them. L
I was just trying to figure that out myself....
You would have to be mad to plug that into your PC. I wouldn't expect to be working for very long....
It's a DIY USB connector! You can use it to power something from +5V cheaply over USB, with no need for an actual USB connector. I find it useful...
I'm not saying it's not useful or inventive but I wouldn't risk it either shorting or breaking in the port. You could probably find a usb cable in the £/$/€ store that would be a lot safer and easier use, cheaper too if you don't have any board to hand.
Indeed, after a few purchases, one accumulates a few cables etc.....I have at least 6 lying about.....much easier to use one of them, really.
Agreed, but it's not fun when you run out of hackable USB cables when you really need one. Also, this technique could be used to make a perfboard usb device contained entirely on the perfboard--no USB connector required. And yes, potentially breaking USB ports is scary.
I have found garage sales and flea markets a great source of cables that no one else knows what they are....so they go cheap
what in gods name does this do??
By itself, nothing. You can use this to power devices from a USB port by connecting their + and - connections to the corresponding connections on this connector.
<br /> it is used as a father usb<br />
I believe you mean a &quot;male&quot; USB connector.

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