Make a water proof laser holder that will allow u to shine a beam under water! Looks cools, water proof!, looks like a flashlight!

Also visit my friends Home-Made Collimator Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Home-Made-Collimator/
He gave me the idea to make this laser holder, and he gave me the 5mW laser.
Credits to VCW


Step 1: Gather Materials

1. mini maglite (water proof holder)
2. laser (i used a wicked laser core from: http://www.wickedlasers.com)
3. expo marker (extender)
4. plumbing tape (sealer)
5. thread seal tape (sealer
6. saw (cut stuff)
I say wrap one up in a transparent condom.
I think that would actually work. Maybe us 2 condoms just in case
magnum for the mag lite, har har har =P<br/>
very nice idea to put in a maglite
Awesome idea, pretty cool and easy to do, I will have to try this out if I get a laser, then I can make some pretty awesome videos. Nice job.
nice i need one of those lol
I have an idea to make the laser have a On/Off feature, try keeping the spring in the cap of the laser, and have the spring come in contact with the battery and the side of the laser. That way when you put pressure on the spring, it will somehow turn on the laser.
Awesome, you beat me to it!
Nice job!!!!

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