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Introduction: Home of Future With Recycled PCBs - ALLPCB

Home of Future is inspired by the dream board of ALLPCB family. The future refers to the time that has not yet come, while the dream is an expectation of the future that not necessarily exist. House of the future is the symbol of success. ALLPCB families are positive and ambitious to make a better future for ALLPCB and all members with double harvest of love and business.

Step 1: Preparation


Recycled PCBs with all kinds of soldermask

These recycled PCBs all come from the cooperative factories of ALLPCB.


Hot Glue Gun



Recycled Car Toy

Step 2: Make a Draft

To make such a big artwork with recycled PCBs, it is quite necessary to make a draft.

Step 3: Cutting

With the reference of a draft, we cut the recycled PCBs with the help of saw. What we get is the necessary parts to form the artwork, and the next and final step is to put the components together.

Step 4: Assembly

We assembly all the parts together, from the root to the roof. And when the whole construction is built up, to decorate the appearance.



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