This video shows one method of doing home reflow soldering. This is a toaster oven method using a thermocouple and a solder paste kit.
great video! nice job
Thanks for that, you make it look really easy! :) <br> <br>One question though, isn't that paste full of nasty chemicals that you shouldn't flush down the sink? Just wondering.
uh... probably, yes.
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The instructions are excellent, it's a very good video. <br><br>Is there some way I can copy or download the video so I can watch it without having to come here?
Great instructable !! Excellent video too !
Great comment! I can't wait to try this!<br /> <br />
Excellent instructable. Very clear instructions.<br /> We will try this out in our electronics club.<br />
wow good w/o controller&nbsp; this trick made my day !<br />
Excellent video, good explanations.&nbsp; 5 stars.<br />

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