video Home reflow SMD soldering
This video shows one method of doing home reflow soldering. This is a toaster oven method using a thermocouple and a solder paste kit.
great video! nice job
netgrazer3 years ago
Thanks for that, you make it look really easy! :)

One question though, isn't that paste full of nasty chemicals that you shouldn't flush down the sink? Just wondering.
dafonso (author)  netgrazer3 years ago
uh... probably, yes.
Machine3 years ago
The instructions are excellent, it's a very good video.

Is there some way I can copy or download the video so I can watch it without having to come here?
Ajaykak4 years ago
Great instructable !! Excellent video too !
jensenium5 years ago
Great comment! I can't wait to try this!

Yong20105 years ago
ru551n5 years ago
Excellent instructable. Very clear instructions.
We will try this out in our electronics club.
aaaaoooo5 years ago
wow good w/o controller  this trick made my day !
Phylth5 years ago
Excellent video, good explanations.  5 stars.