Step 3: Hair Fall Home Remedies.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall Treatment:-

1.First and foremost balanced diet with proper emphasis on vitamin calcium and iron may go a long way in preventing hair fall, because deficiency of protein and iron intake also contributes to hair loss. Thus a balanced diet comprising of all the essential nutrients should be insisted on.
2.Hair should be washed and brushed properly. Similar importance should be given to trimming to prevent tearing of hair. Combs with wide tooth should be made use of. Split ends should be got rid of as part of trimming. Blow drying should be avoided because the heat generated is found to be damaging from the point of view of hair.
3.Gentle massaging of scalp regularly, preferably with drops of warm oil contributes against hair fall.
Washing of head with a homemade concoction consisting of vodka/ alcohol, pepper and worm water will work well to combat hair loss.
3.Adding a few drops of tobacco sauce to the regularly used lather producing shampoo can also be an effective remedy for preventing hair loss.
4.Some of the herbal extracts used directly in forms of juice or paste can prove to be more beneficial than their medically encapsulated forms. Paste or juice of “Bhongra” may be massaged gently on to the scalp to counteract hair falling. Paste consisting of Shana seeds with coconut or castor oil turn out as an effective option.
5.In cases of baldness in patches or ‘alopecia areata’; a paste of lime seeds and black pepper may be massaged on affected areas. Scrubbing the affected areas with onion cut into half followed by application of honey may also help out.
<p>Good to see all these remedies pulled together in one place - thank you, I will use lots of these I am sure.</p>
Ginger works wonders for nausea and motion sickness. Its much better than anything else and without any of the side effects.
the turmeric milk really helps i have had it many times whenever i have a cough i use it <br>
I made ginger tea for me,it is really effective.

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