My Name is Marcus Knowles and I am a manufacturing teacher at Arts and Technology High School in Marysville, WA.  Our class is called Penguin Manufacturing and this is a lesson I teach in our robotics class.  Our advanced manufacturing students help make the parts and kits for that class.  We are working to create kits to sell and use as a fundraiser for our program.  The kits will end up costing about $13 and we may get a Kickstarter campaign going to help with some supplies.  I will update the Instructable if that happens.  

There are many improvement ideas and we would love to hear your ideas and changes to this plan.  Current research and development includes possible injection molded parts and 3 arms on the armature.  We have prototypes that have been made on our MakerBot 3D printer, and CNC router but the Kickstarter would help pay for an injection molder or Laser cutter.

The current tools needed to make the parts are:
Table Saw
Chop Saw
Drill Press
Oxy/Fuel Brazing
Engine Lathe (not needed to drill the holes in the dowels, but we have one, so it is easy)
Misc. hand tools

Please check out our program at www.penguinmanufacturing.com

Marcus Knowles

Step 1: The 2 D Cell Battery Holder

The Blueprint Scans have all of the specs so you can make all of the parts yourself.
Again, I am a High School Manufacturing instructor and am working with students to start packaging these as kits for sale at some point

The battery holder is made up of:
3/4 wood,
1/4 plywood,
2 brass brads
rubber bands
16G wire 
<p>Another neat school project! Wish I had had a teacher like you in Jr. High. I'll try this with my grandson.</p>

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Bio: Our High School Manufacturing program named Penguin manufacturing teaches students to make all sorts of things. We work with all material types and all tool ... More »
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