Picture of HomeMade Modern DIY Bloktagons

Faceted geometric forms are trending nowadays. While the simple, colorful, paper shape DIYs that appear all over Pinterest are fun and easy to make, the results aren't lasting. We wanted to create a series of free, downloadable templates that could be used as forms and/or molds to make more sustainable objects. Download and print our Bloktagon series on cardstock paper to create forms for wax candles or concrete coat hooks and vases.
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Step 1: Supplies + Tools

Picture of Supplies + Tools
FREE Bloktagon Templates
Download at

Candle-Making Stuff: Paraffin Wax, Candle Wicks and Scented Oils
Purchase at Craft Stores or Online at

Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix
Purchase at Home Depot
QUIKRETE® 5000 Concrete Mix is a commercial-grade blend of stone or gravel, sand and cement that's specially designed for strength. It is available at Home Depot and typically comes in 80lb. bags. The hardest part about working with it is moving the 80lb. bag. Mixing the small quantity needed for this project is easy – all you have to do is add water and stir thoroughly.

Cardstock or Glossy Photo Paper
Purchase In-Store or Online at
We used 110lb. cardstock from Staples but glossy photo paper will give concrete projects a smoother finish. Both types of paper will work with standard inkjet printers.

High Gloss or Eggshell House Paint
Purchase at Home Depot
Standard house paint helps seal the exterior of the paper molds.

Purchase In-Store or Online at
Simple craft or white glue will work.

Scissors, box cutter or Exacto knife
To cut out the paper templates.

Inkjet printer
To print the 8.5" x 11" downloadable Bloktagon templates.

Metal ruler or tool with a sharp, straight edge
Useful for creating perfect, scored folds.

Step 2: Download and print the templates

Picture of Download and print the templates
Download and print the bloktagon templates on cardstock paper. Glossy photo paper can be used to create smoother molds for concrete projects.

Step 3: Cut out the templates

Picture of Cut out the templates
Use scissors or an Exacto knife to cut out the templates.

Step 4: Fold the templates

Picture of Fold the templates
Use a metal ruler to help make perfectly scored fold lines on the cut out templates.
directioner982 months ago
BeBexXx1 year ago
I just can say a big WOW....! TNX 4 SHARING
foobear1 year ago
interesting idea, thanks!
prioloneil1 year ago
The best.
Dr. dB1 year ago
I'd've said the REAL most difficult part might be designing the Bloktagons in the first place... nicely done!

A "bolt-through" version could also be made for, say, a closet-style accordion-door, by embedding tee-nuts on the ends of bolts sheathed with heat-shrink (or Vaseline?)... kind of a big, cement "acorn nut/knob" on each end of an appropriately-cut length of th'rod.
funkytaco1 year ago
Such a great idea.
Very neat indeed, but shouldn't you use gloves?
frytom1 year ago
wow! such a cool project!
kondzio291 year ago
Its good to use antiperspirant spray (that one with the talk) inside the mold for easier removal of the paper ;)