Picture of HomeMade Modern DIY Hanging Garden

This DIY vertical garden is an easy-to-make project that can turn a window into a beautiful and productive herb garden.

Get Complete Step-by-Step Instructions at RYOBI Nation.
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gwalwansh7 months ago


Akin Yildiz made it!10 months ago

mine doesn't use zip-ties = less plastic waste

mine doesn't require sun light = can grow in cubicals/basements, anywhere!

mine sends e-mail notifications via wifi = anyone can be a farmer (this option is still under construction)


The Plant Arm


14Watt - 2835Lumens DIY hanging plant shelf

doo da do11 months ago

You could put a plastic cup under all on the bottom., surely the would never get full. Doodado

genterara11 months ago

Neat idea.

I don´t think raw wood will withstand plant watering for a long period.

Some good varnish would definitely help.

hamub11 months ago

hamub hamub11 months ago
qewt11 months ago

Love the zip ties idea!

degramke11 months ago
How would you deal with drippage from the bottom planters? Any suggestions?
apowell17 degramke11 months ago
could put a horizontal planter on the ground as to not waste any water.