HomeMade Modern DIY Wood + Concrete Kitchen Island

Picture of HomeMade Modern DIY Wood + Concrete Kitchen Island
My business partner at ZeroEnergy Design has an amazing roof deck and enjoys outdoor entertaining. This outdoor kitchen island was designed to be used as a food preparation station next to the grill. Because the island was planned as an outdoor piece, I used cedar lumber and stainless steel screws. The same design could be made using standard 2x4s and deck screws for a little less money. Even though the wood bottom looks quite intricate, it's actually quite easy to make. Only a few cross cuts are needed to create it. The assembly is done with stainless steel screws. I used grey Quikrete Commercial Grade Countertop Mix cast into a melamine form to make the top. It's as smooth and hard as stone but weighs about 200 lbs.
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Step 1: Download the Wood + Concrete Kitchen Plan

Picture of Download the Wood + Concrete Kitchen Plan

Click here to download the Wood + Concrete Kitchen plan.

Nice, did you use any kind of sealant for the countertop? I know concrete is kind of porous, which isn't great for surfaces that food is prepared on.

last sentence in the project ... Quikrete Acrylic Concrete Cure & Seal

mc251714 days ago

some unsanded grout could be used to fill in any small voids.

jbentley615 days ago
You could have stained and polished the concrete for a marble like finish... Looks great though!

That's beautiful!

howardb115 days ago
nice job, thank you for the plans
M3G15 days ago

Very cool!