Why spend hundreds of dollars on Security Systems? When You can make your own. Watch this Instructable to learn how you can make your very own Alarm System Using a Rat Trap.

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Step 1: Materials!!!

You will need the Following Items

*Rat Trap or Mouse Trap
*Battery Holder W/ Batteries
*Ring Terminal
*Two 12 in pieces of wire -( Length is up to you)

Total Cost- 12-15 dollars
I have purchased like this rat trap from the owner of <a href="http://menext.org" rel="nofollow">http://menext.org/</a> it's awesome i like it very much
I did my project by myself
And needed it for a project
Nice but my battier smoked
that is a very good idea simple too but i have 1 question why r u wearing rubber gloves in all the pics? trying not to leave finger prints lol.<br />
&nbsp;haha! actually now, its just how I make videos!
oh cool<br />
how did u guys make tat does it kill a rat????
Your design is great in concept but has one major flaw. you failed to for something getting between your contacts, for example a real rat or feline pet.
I used mouse traps to train my dogs to stay off the living room furniture. I showed them a "set" trap a couple of times, springing it each time (SNAP!) Believe it or not, they learned to tell the difference between a "set" trap and a "sprung" trap so they were not deterred if the "sprung" trap was placed on the cushion. I used "set" traps when I found this out. Got my wife a couple of times - ha ha. A nice loud alarm would probably be funny but might get me divorced.
Thanks for sharing - I learned something cool today :)
Man that's great. Cheap too!
Hahaha...this would be a great prank!
Cool tutorial, I bet this project would be ideal for pranks too. lol
very easy, thanks
well done!
Good idea and instructions! The video really helped to see the execution of it too. Thanks!
Now you don't even need a cat.

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