A new neat way on making a canister filter
<p>nice work mate.</p><p>I am not sure as I have not attempted this but would the pump work better on the bottom and have the filter medium on top or it not matter where the pump is?</p>
great idea for a container and gets the noisy pump out of the tank -I love it
If you're worried about cutting and splicing the cord, you can cut it and get a new end at the hardware for about $1.00 or so ...... no splices. Good instructable!
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY_mini_fish_tank_water_filter/">this is one I made</a><br/>Its still running smooth. Add some carbon under the wadding and you'll really be cleaning some water. The air in the line is from the air in the filter.Unless you find a way to evacuate the air at the top of the filter it will slowly clear itself. Infuses itself into the water so xtra plus there for the fish.<br/>
Hi Jim. I just wonder how to get all of the materials to make this diy canister filter. I'm a student and really don't want to spend too much in this economy for my 5 gal tank. It looks really cool but I just don't know how to get stuffs to make it. How did you prime the filter? I can't tell from the video. Thanks a lot. Tino
cool 'ible! i'll have to try this but, my two tanks are far too big for this to be efficent. i'll buy a resident for my empty fish bowl soon and try your filter out. i'll try and revamp the cord so you dont have to cut it

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