Homemade, Paleo Chicken Nuggets (Full Recipe)

Picture of Homemade, Paleo Chicken Nuggets (Full Recipe)
I have been trying to watch my almost girlish figure.  It is quite manly at the moment.  But Im going to admit it, sometimes homegirl here needs her fix of fast food.  "What was that? These Taco Bell tacos are only 35% beef?..... Good enough for me!"  That is typically my motto.  Sometimes I gravitate to things like Taco Bell and McDees with no shame. (okay, maybe a little shame).

But since giving up in these vices, which still saddens me, I have started whipping up things to replace them... thus the home made nugget came along thanks to my friend Giselle!  Not only are these nuggets NOT made with preservatives, synthetic ingredients, flavor enhancers, a variety of plastics, and unused bone fragments from a plethora of random farm animals, its delicious too!

This recipe is a bit of work, but totally worth it (for your gut).  The awesome part about this is that there is really no way you can mess this up.  Use herbs and seasoning you like, and amount of chicken is totally up to you too!  Hopefully you will get inspired to get a really unique nuggie that is all your own!

If you make your own version of these, post your photos to the comments!
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
  • 2 boneless skinless Chicken Breasts (that’s 4 breast fillets)  You could use turkey I suppose or pork.  A pork nugget?  Hrmmm, I should try that.
  • 1 teaspoon of Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Parsley flakes
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Onion powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Pepper
  • 2 Eggs, beaten
  • 1 Cup of Coconut Flour
  • about 1.5 Cups of sunflower seed oil
You kinda need a meat grinder attachment for your stand up mixer to really get this to work.  I probably should have prefaced with that.  I haven't tried a food processor, but I bet it would create a similar effect.
Makedo2 years ago
Do chicken Know they got nuggets?
AidanG Makedo2 years ago
well, pigs don't have sausages, so... :)
lafnbear Makedo2 years ago
if you be eatin' 'em, they don't got 'em no more...
texas_mojo2 years ago
Sorry, I see the oven temp now, I looked back to earlier steps and saw it, thanks and ignore my other comment!
texas_mojo2 years ago
You don't say what temp in the oven to cook the nuggets for....I'm guessing 350?
Oh yum! Those look awesome. The dipping sauce sounds good too. :D
caitlinsdad2 years ago
OOooo, mechanically separated chicken. Paleo man must have ground up chicken with his granite club. Those nuggets in the pan look cornish game-hen sized to me.
angelabchua (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago
No neon pink "meat" sherbert here! You are so right with the game hen sized nuggets. My portion control is way off. the nuggets actually didn't seem that big up until that point when i realized i couldnt shove more in a pan.