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Introduction: Homemade Pinball Machine

 This is a homeade pinball machine I made out of wood, coat hangers, 1 kenex piece, marbles, hot glue, more hot glue, and even more hot glue :) It is pretty simple to make, and you will need:
....2 coat hangers
....lots of wood, big and small pieces
....A knex motor or any kind of mini motor (optional, for spinning star)
....hot glue, or wood glue, or nails or screws
Please check out the video of it in action. Each photo shows a different part/obstacle of the pinball machine. If you need help making any of the obstacles leave a comment. Enjoy!!!
.....I forget to take a picture of the marble container on it. Its on the bottom left of the machine.

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    Nice job! You have a lot of neat things going on there! I would like to copy them for a pinball machine I hope to make for my grandson! Thanks for the ideas! And yes, as far as polycarbonate goes, just go to any big box store like Lowes or Home Depot and get a piece of plexiglass.... it's not expensive (about $ 6 - $8 for the size you need) and it will make the marbles go much faster and smoother! Or, you could sand down the board you have until it's very smooth.

    Thanks! I am totally going to use that pomegranate seed instructable you made.

    That is very good, you've got a lot going on in there.
    For your next project get a sheet of polycarbonate or similar for your running-surface - it'll be smoother.


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    wha is polycarbonate- and where can i get it, or perhaps find it in my house. this looks like a great project, ive always loved pinball machines, and it seems like a really fun idea to customize my own.

    Thanks everyone! If I make another pinball machine I will definitely use poly-carbonate.

    Impressive! That looks like a lot of fun.

    Thnx, it was very fun to make!