Step 2: Create your camera connector

Picture of Create your camera connector
This is the actual 3-pin connector that plugs into the camera. We will have to make one from scratch (almost).

This was the most difficult part for me but now that i've figured it out it should take you less time.

1. Find a old computer connector (such as the cable that plugs into a cd-rom for audio). I doesn't matter what size it is or how many pins it has. ALL THAT MATTERS IS HOW FAR APART THE PINS ARE.

2. Cut, Trim, and Sand down the plastic on the connector so there are only three pins left. (trim everything outside the yellow box in the photo for example) I made mine from a 20+ pin connector

3. If the pins on the camera are too wide for connector you will need to widen them a little. I stuck my exacto knife in the holes and twirled it a little to open them up. (widen the holes inside the yellow box in the photo for example)
Minion714 years ago
i made mine from epoxy and made a mold and the metal pin for contact at least it work hehe
I like your design