Step 3: Installing the antenna and finalizing the rig

Picture of Installing the antenna and finalizing the rig
I made a Bi-Quad antenna using Trevor Marshall's (http://www.trevormarshall.com/biquad.htm) design but tweaked it a little bit to make use of my available materials. I will be posting a separate blog for this.

The second picture is a peek of my Bi-Quad inside the plastic enclosure. You can see the Copper Cladded Board or PCB used as the reflector and copper wire for the main element.

I am using an RG-58 (50 ohms)cable from the Linksys AP to the external antenna, compatible connector for this particular Linksys is RP-TNC.

After putting everything inside the Trashcan, I made a plastic cover to keep the Birds from nesting inside. This will also protect the AP and the Regulator from mist during heavy rains.
BiggieX6 years ago
On the router you have two coax pig tails connected. Where did you plug the other two ends into? Isn't it only needed to connect one pig tail to the biquad?
Talking Electronics (author)  BiggieX6 years ago
I was supposed to connect 2 antennas from the router and decided to just connect 1 antenna pigtail to the Biquad then took the picture. You can omit the other pigtail if you intend to connect just 1 antenna.
jpghiena7 years ago
Hi, nice one :-) How far can you send the wifi signal ? Would the distance be better if sent on water (like from a beach to a boat) ? Thanks for your answer