Who doesn't love a nice, cold brew? (I prefer cider, but that's beside the point...) While a sixer of supermarket Brewski Lite will do the trick, there's something to be said for a handcrafted ale. Once you get the hang of it, you could even whip up a signature batch for a special occasion, like my dear friends Joseph and Daniel did for my wedding last August!

Before we get into any fancy recipes or too much of the chemistry behind the scenes, let's go back to basics. This will teach you how to brew a damned good beer even if the closest you've ever come to making your own is pouring it into a pint glass.

Step 1: Materials

Most of the equipment you will need to brew a batch of beer can be found at your local homebrew shop or craft beer store. In case you don't have access to something like that, you should be able to find everything on Amazon or northernbrewer.com. Some items (such as a lauter tun and or wort chiller) can be fabricated with minimal tools and much cheaper than buying at retail price (great instructions on making these items can be found with a quick internet search).

*Optional, can use fermentation bucket
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<p>You're welcome - glad you like it!</p>
<p>This is an amazing beginner guide. :D</p><p>I love the labels too!</p>
<p>So glad you like the labels, Jessy! And yeah - we wanted to make sure to start at the VERY beginning before delving into recipes and whatnot. </p>

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