Step 5: Program the ATMega168 Microcontroller

Picture of Program the ATMega168 Microcontroller
Once the ATMega168 arrives with all the other stuff, you need to program it with the motor controller code.  Either make your own code, or use/modify the code below.  

You can make a very cheap ATMega168 programmer, or buy an AVRISP MK2:

And download the free AVR Studio development environment:

The hex file of the code is available here.  Use "coug-unified-16k.hex":

Here's the code:

The fuse bits are Extended High Low = F8 DC F7.  But if you are using Ponyprog, the fuse bits are 08 DC F7.

If you don't want to bother to program it yourself, then you can buy a preprogrammed one.

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