Picture of Homemade 18V Battery Stereo
Bear with me here, This is my first instructable and I already built this but I thought I'd give it a go.
First: Attempt at your own risk, don't hurt yourself and I am not responsible for any damages from anything that may occur.

Motivation: I just recently purchased a 18V cordless tool set and couldn't find a radio to run off the batteries (as some of the big brands make such radios), so i decided to make one.

Parts: (some are optional, all depends on what exactly you want it to do)
-Car Stereo (I had an old Pioneer laying around)
-Speakers (I got 5.5" Boss Marine speakers on Amazon, they shouldn't be bothered by a little water)
-Antenna (Pyramid 3800 from amazon, keep in mind how to mount it, I had to buy a longer screw for the thickness of the wood)
-Fuse Block (protect all those delicate components, ebay)
-12V Power Supply (I got a 5A light supply from ebay, just search for "12V 5A Power Supply" they are like $10)
-120V Relay (once again ebay, make sure it has 3 separate sets of contacts)
-Switches (1 toggle, and 1 push button)
-Wood for the box (I had some OSB with Mossy Oak print on it laying around)
-Digital Panel Mount Voltmeter (ebay for up to 20 Volts, to keep an eye on the battery)
-12V outlet
-18V drill battery charger
-Corner braces
-window lock
-misc Screws
-Extension cord to use as a power cord and plug for the charger
-Metal to mount the switches in etc (I had the metal inserts from old Radio Shack project boxes)
-Aluminum tape (cover the edges of the box, mainly for aesthetic reasons)
(these parts are for the circuit to knock the 18V down to 12V)
-3x 100n ceramic Capacitors
-100uF Electrolytic Capacitor
-4.7uF Electrolytic Capacitor (I used a bigger one but this is the one the circuit called for)
-1N4007 Diode
-7812 Voltage Regulator IC
-2N3055 Power Transistor
-Heatsinks (one small one huge)
richms3 years ago
There are some quite cheap switchmode 24-12v step downs available on ebay. The one I have tried works ok on down to about 16v and gives a 13.8v output for running car stuff in a 24v truck.

Anyway, they will have much better efficiancy than a linear regulater.

Also I dont know about putting line voltage on the same fuseblock that you have low voltage on. i would seperate it out and use a mains rated fuse holder, not a car style one.
Yup for sure it is very cool. However that foil just don't do it any justice. steampunk the case and that would be kickass!
tutdude983 years ago
Nice man but it will be nicer without that foil