Earlier this year GoPro announced their new product, a handheld 3 axis gimbal they called the Karma Grip. Watching the footage, I was amazed how the gimbal turned everyday footage into extraordinary, smooth, high quality cinematic shots! Obviously, I wanted one... until I checked the price tag.

No way would I pay that much.

So I set out to build my own! Now obviously, a homemade version may not compete with a top of the line production team such as gopro, but my gimbal got pretty close! For almost half the price, my homemade version features three axis of stabilization and triples the battery life of the Karma Grip and even has a joystick, though it does add some extra weight. For better handling and even smoother shots I added two adjustable stainless steel arms using a 3d printed mount. The result is a buttery smooth shake free video that tremendously boosts the production quality of any shot you use it with.

Please note that this project was inspired by shootr's turorial for a 2 axis gimbal. Link is here. But I wanted my version to be a bit more powerful so I added a third axis

(While this version is limited to sports cameras, and small video recorders, I am working on a larger DSLR gimbal right now! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more of this project)

Parts you will need:


12v Battery


Gopro Mounts ( $10 OFF Coupon till Dec 31st: cab1ef )

WaterProof Box ( 10% OFF Coupon till Dec 31st: elec10bg )

Stainless Steel Round Tube Rod ( 12% OFF Coupon till 2017.02.28: Elec1 )

Bicycle Handlebar End Grips (12% OFF Coupon till Dec 31st: 16xmas12% )

Step 1: Watch the Video

The first step is to watch the video of the overall process

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<p>Very cool! I've been meaning to make one of these that is adaptable to multiple applications, and your platform makes a good start.</p><p>One suggestion: Put the joystick down on one of the handlebars so that you can use it while holding on to the apparatus. It might take some more engineering to create a mount and enclosure for the joystick (to keep it try, you know, because water and things), but it'd allow for use without taking your hands off the handles. </p>
<p>Nice work! Does the gimbal work straight out the box? and how does it calibrate if not?</p>
<p>Seems like this is excellent for cinematography work. The Karma Grip thing can mount to lots of stuff, but for a film maker on a tight budget, this might be a perfect solution to a very expensive problem! Excellent work and thank you so much for sharing! </p>
<p>Dont see the point.. if you buy a gimball.. why dont you construct everything... For spending this money to do it yourself I rather buy one complete from china...</p>
<p>How about a sceen on that huge box you have there. Seems like a wasted of a perfectly good project box to not use it fully. Get a backup monitor and wire it into the gopro AV output with a gopro FPV output cable. Also power the gopro from the lipo by using a 7805 voltage regulator (to output 5v) to the gopro, using that same cable. No more dead gopro in the middle of your shot.</p>
<p>&ldquo;constructed&rdquo;:</p><p>Your links to the box, tube, and bicycle handlebars under the parts list all point to the same item.</p>
<p>yep al to get it futured</p>
<p>Thats weird... They were working an hour ago. Thanks for letting me know, ill fix it!</p>
<p>Love it! If I build one I would try shorter arms so I could more easily reach the joystick, and make them of aluminum to reduce the weight. Any idea of your total cost?</p>
<p>Yes I would definitely recommend the shorter arms! Total cost, not counting tools, id say around $80-$90</p>
<p>I would also like to see a DSLR version.</p>
<p>Coming soon!</p>
<p>As a pro-photographer, would love to see a DSLR version of the gimbal. Great product and superb video.</p>
<p>Im working on it right now!</p>
Nice 'able! on step 3, a little trick you can borrow from bike shops is to spray hairspray inside the handle grips. they will then slide on easily. When the hairspray has dried, no slipping at all!
<p>No kidding? Thats a neat trick I'll try it out sometime!</p>

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