Homemade 360 ံ LAMP


Introduction: Homemade 360 ံ LAMP

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welcome to this Instructable!

UPDATE: 22/08/2016 Sucesd tests.

Recently, I used all old Materials (Recycled pipe).

I use this parts and tools.

(1) Pieces of wood. (2) Recycled pipe (3) Driver screw. (4) Screws (5) Bult (6) wires

Step 1: Ready

These two wood are used as a foundation.And then, T shape pipe is drilled by screw driver.we made the hole to connect with the long pipe and wood.

Step 2: Try to 360 ံ Lamp

The wire is put in the pipe.

Step 3:

The small long pipe is put in the hole.

Step 4:

And then, the big long pipe is fixed on the small long pipe.

Step 5:

The T Shape Pipe is put on to the big long pipe in the converted position.the bult is fix at of T shape converted pipe.

Step 6:



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