Here is a chap way to make a 3d pen at home using hot glue gun. It is super easy and therefore anyone can do it. share if you like it. And subscribe to my YouTube channel. I Upload every week cool DIY's like this.

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

As some of you may know I make instructables and Video tutorials. To make life easier for you.
Also see my 3D pen in action.

Step 2: Feed PLA Into a Glue Gun

So this process is fairly simple. Glue gun works same way as 3D pen. it heats up plastic and extruded it so you can draw. in order to be able to feed PLA into a glue gun you need glue stick size PLA. So take multiple sticks of PLA and put them together so it becomes one glue stick size stick and feed it it's a glue gun. Now glue guns trigger is pushing stick itno a gun. Trigger needs better grip to push plastic therefore I wrapped this PLA stick with electrical tape. Now Let Glue gun heat up and start to Draw in mid air just like you would with 3Doodler pen. If you liked this instructable check out my YouTube channel for more. cool DIYs like this one.

<p>Awesome idea!</p><p>It really worked for me!!!</p>

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