Homemade 500 Fps CO2 Airsoft Gun





Introduction: Homemade 500 Fps CO2 Airsoft Gun

 In this instructable I will show you how to make a 500 fps CO2 single shot airsoft gun.
I think putting this magazine on this would work good. www.instructables.com/id/Semi-auto-pen-airsoft-gun-w-mag/

I take no liability for what you do with this.  This is very powerful and would go through human skin.  This instructable is for informational use only.

Step 1: What You'll Need

 You will need
1. A co2 bike tire inflator that has a valve so it doesn't let the co2 out when you screw the top on like some
2. A bic pen
3. Co2 for the inflator
4. Airsoft BBs
5. Electrical tape
you can buy a co2 bike inflator here

Step 2: Make the Barrel

 To make the barrel, take the pen apart so you have just an empty tube.  This will be your barrel.

Step 3: Attaching the Barrel

 Now you want to tape the pen to the opening of the tire inflator.

Step 4: Firing

 To fire you will put a bb in the barrel and hit the valve with your palm quickly.



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    41 Discussions

    Does it use an entire cartridge each shot?

    Oh yeah I also Know how to make the co2 cartridge reusable. I may post my modded version as an instructable

    The mag has to be airtight or else the gun will have only half the power.

    You may also use a broken gas magazine by removine the output valve and nozzle and connect a psi rated hoze.

    Nice work, if you use some simple epoxy glue and a copper 6mm tee joint you can make this automatic, and if you added some decor to it to you could make it look like a proper badass gun.
    you'v got a great idea there and I might try it myself, thanks for the inspiration

    I was inspired by this project and started looking for one of these tier inflater things to fit my needs. However, the only ones i found said they needed threaded cartridges to work. does yours use threaded cartridges? It would be a lot more convenient if i could use standard twelve gram cartridges in one of these, so i dont have to spend extra time and money trying to get new threaded cartridges.

    2 replies

    Hi Ilpug, My tire inflater uses standard 12 gram c02 cartridges like the ones you can buy for a paintball or airsoft gun. Here is a link to one on Amazon.com that can use the standard 12 gram one, or 16 gram threaded or non-threaded.
    Hope this helps.



    ^^ thats the one i am looking at for now, because it can use a wide range of cartridges. I am planning on making some kind of Airsoft sniper system based on this, or maybe a submachine gun, depending on how this gizmo works. than you for the instructable. it is simple. but inspires me to make so much. if i do make a gun based on this system, and i make an instructable, i will be sure to mention you.

    Hi, No it doesn't empty it it but you have to hit the top fast with your palm or else it might.

    yo man, this is a really good idea. the thing is, i tried devising a magazine for this thing, and it actually works to. you just need to drill hole near the base of the barrel, then get a Bic pen, empty it out, put a spring in it, and you have a good magazine. just really hard to attach. I've been using duct tape up until now, but how can i make it so that it's easier to attach? with regards, please answer back

    4 replies

    take a pen cap, cut off the top, and glue it on with the top on the barrel. that way you can just switch out mags as easy as putting a cap on a pen.

    Hey, this really gave me some hope for my new project. I will be using lightweight metal or carbon fibre 6mm barrel attacheted to the insides of a paintball gun I bought for only €60 in meorca, its a gd one because it actually uses to standard co2 cartrages nt to gd for paintball but very good for bb guns, hopefully it will hit 1000 FPS with two co2 carts. Any ideas please send me them.

    2 replies

    pleas tell me if you hit the speed og sound:) . i have been trying for a long time! and my softgun is about 900 fps

    Maybe you could make an adapter if the barrel on you paintball gun unscrews, then if you could find the right adapter for the barrel to screw in, it would probably work. Then you could make a hopper that fits on the barrel.