Homemade Acetate Heater Pad





Introduction: Homemade Acetate Heater Pad

Learn in this video how to make sodium acetate (hot ice experiment)with household item,and how to make heater pad re-usable more than 100time,give 45*c for 1 hour.



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    thank you for this video.. this thing really helped me.. :)

    The step when you boiled it to crystals mine just turned into brown powder, am i missing something?

    i believe so... :P i did that as well.. it turned into a brown sludge. u just need to put some distilled water into it whilst it's on the boil. then make sure it's a liquid then recrystallize it...

    Does it need to be distilled?

    Hello, I'm just wondering how long it takes to do each step espicailly the ones about the evapurating the water and melting the crystals.

    hm. i might as well make an instructable on this, as both these methods pretty much produce anything useful.

    that is WAY more than 35 g o.0

    Nice video. But, i dont think thats 100% pure sodium acetate. Unless he used 99% pure acetic acid, you wont get 100% pure. I'd say thats no more than 50% pure. 50% isnt sufficient enough to make hot ice, but probably for this heater pad.

    actually, vinegar is about 3% or 4% acetic acid, and the rest is water. so it would not be pure. but, he boiled off most of the water, and drained the rest so it would be about 100% pure, so you could make good hot ice (ps. hot ice does melt at 345 degrees celcius)