Homemade Air Cooler





Introduction: Homemade Air Cooler

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How to make a homemade Air cooler using household items : )

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Electrical System

Use an old mobile phone charger

Step 3: Putting Out the Fan

Step 4: Putting Pvc Pipes

Step 5: Frozen Water Used to Cool (Cheapest Way)

Step 6: All the Process in Video

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    12 Discussions

    How many cfm is it ?

    How many cfm is it ? Thanks

    How many cfm is your fan ?


    How does the fan run? Is it a standard 12v computer fan? How does it run on the 5v phone gharger?

    2 replies

    You can use an old notebook charger, and then works properly!
    Another way is with 2 fan coolers and a 20v charger, and you will get more flow

    can you explain the electrical?was that fan electric fan or battery fan

    I say that before at someone's house and it works pretty well.