Step 5: Tips

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OK so you probably realized that there are some major leaks.

Just bundle them up with a ton of duct tape.

Also, the ball valve is very stiff. Put a few drops of handyman grease on the valve, (not too much!) and it should be fine.

Also, you can create a ring sight like the one in the picture. If you have any questions or things I could update, post them in the comments.

Due to the screwed up trigger system, I will be posting a new instructable on a very reliable sniper rifle with an extremely smooth trigger that I built already.
35Timmy4 years ago
well there is one thing you should add to it and that is instead of using duck tape you should use threaded plumbling parts which will be more better than duck tape other than that everything is perfect
lpletikosic4 years ago
where I can find instructable for your sniper rifle
shubhamrox4 years ago
does dis really shoot wid da sports pump???????????????????i tried it and ot is all cmmin rong
jchan_985 years ago
when i connect the pipe into the bottle (coke) should i put it all the way through? or just a bit?
jchan_985 years ago
could u use electrical tape to cover the leaks? and also. how long does each of the pvc pipes need to be?
use some pvc cement or some rezin for covering the leaks ;) duct tape doesn't solve the problem for a long period of time ;) peace!
nice design im gonna build 1 this weekend =)
can you fit nerf streamline darts into the barrel and make it fly fast
Depends on the size of the barrel. Don't pump it up to much though, or it will destroy the dart.
is it possible to get some sort of quick release valve? ive seen spud guns with those and its the same principle as spinning the valve real quick, ist it?
120 psi is EASY to develope quickly with an air compressor. A small pancake compressor can be bought for around $70 US brand new or much less used. Using a tire (can't think of the word..brain fog today..oh well) chuck (there's the word!) and a tire valve you could pressurize it in seconds and you could even use an empty propane tank as the air resivour (spelling sux today) Of course that would require some machining or refitting things, but the potential for lethality is enormous!
fazizal6 years ago
looks really good and i hope it works for all of you. i won't make it just because i would get in trouble ( the lethal dart) because my parents will assume i will only make the lethal darts lol, i would =D
LMFAO, I can hide it inder a loose board in my room, and since my mom is a single parent she works from 4pm until 11pm and I'm out of school for the summer now, and I am now a Freshman! lol. So what she doesnt know wont hurt her!
it doen't have some thing to take aim and there is no trigger system but very good if there were these things it would be perfect
The trigger is the ball valve, what you do is pump ait into the bottle until it is rock hard and then load the barrel, then you turn the ball valve really fast and it shoots out!
eriko6 years ago
looks cool but how long does it shoot?
raring19966 years ago
how much does all parts cost??
randomray6 years ago
Interesting project ,I think you have the potential to do some real harm to yourself by the time you're 21 .If you live longer your imagination and handiness will be an asset to those around you .I can see you as an engineer or in the military .
Trapstar7 years ago
Very good idea! The only flaws I see, is the plastic bottle, the valve and the duct tape. A small pressure gauge could be mounted in the airlines to keep track of the Psi. If there was someway to Mount a trigger with a quick release device, it would be perfect.
how would you out on a trigger system?
i mean put on a trigger system. lol
ARJOON7 years ago
I've made one more powerful with a pressure up to 120Psi. It is very very powerful it had penetrated a 2.5mm chipboard. And I've made an arrow derived from a broken dart, it has a great power o f penetration. To do this kind off arrow, we need to fix a dart part at the back (the back must be lighter than the fore, for longer distance and penetration power). To do this we must fix a 1" nail at the fore. Beware this con be dangerous and I'm not responsible for any damage or loss. You can Play the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZEvVEUWxfU
I like your idea it's very clever, I was Thinkin you should try puttin a Y joint to hook the bottle to. So you could have 2 bottles. and the fix for the leaks, try Contact Cement, that will probly work better then Duct tape.
LBos117 years ago
could you just use a pvc cap instead of a bottle?
how many pumps do you need to pump up the gun before you shot with the gun.
How do you shoot the air rifle?