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In this Instructable I will show you how to make airgun bullets.
P.s. These get great distance, Great accuracy and Can punch a hole straight through a milk bottle of water or a piece of plywood Depending on the power of your airgun.
It necessary to get the closest fitting piece pipe you can get as the bullet shell, but it should not be to tight to get maximum power from your airgun.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

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What you need:

Glue gun
Hacksaw/Anything that cuts metal
Scissors(I used a Stanley knife)
A bowl of water

5 nails that fit in your bullet shell(Use common sense for instance if you have 3 big nails you can substitute them for the five nails)
Brightly colored String
Glue sticks
A pipe that fits snugly in your barrel for the bullet's shell.

Step 2: Step 3

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First plug your glue gun on. Then take your nails and cut the heads off. Now Cut your pipe to the length you want (mine was about 15 cm). Next insert them into the pipe and cut them so that the are slightly shorter then the pipe. Now fill the bullet shell with glue. Gluing the nail into the bullet shell like in the badly made picture. Don't unplug your gluegun yet.

Step 3: Step 4

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Almost done now cut about 5 or six piece of string that are about 9 or 10 inches. Next tie a knot at the top to connect the pieces together. Then glue the knot to the back of the bullet like in the picture.
Lastly take the gluegun and put a bit of glun on the front, then dunk your fingers in the water and use them to shape the tip. As soon as your happy with the shape dunk the finished bullet in the water to cool it off.

I take no responsibility for any damage caused by these bullets or the making of these bullets
##############!!!!!!!!!!*********!!!!!!!!JUST BE CAREFULL!!!!!!!**********!!!!!!!!!!##############


cemo702 (author)2010-01-08

very creative solution thx buddy

de0509 (author)2012-03-07

you seem to be too kind. are you gonna shoot your brother/sister/friend with it? then why bother making the tip soft? you got nails. make a nail dart. actually it uses way less materials than this ammo and does more damage as it concentrates the pressure(sharp). These things could go through about 2 cm of wood (depends on nail size and gun power).

You dont need glue at all for it. Can be done with newspaper scraps, nail and tape. ++scissors and hands. period. so easy to make, you get about 1 bullet per 3~5 minutes. depends on how skillful you are in handling cellophane tapes :)

Mattrox (author)de05092012-03-07

First of all I do agree that darts are more effective, But the thought of shooting a friend or sibling with either bullets is terrible. Havind seen first hand how much dmage my bullets can dish out, I know I would not end well if one was hit. My bullets would easily knoch a dirty great hole through someone within about twenty meters, The dart would have greater range, but less mass making faster but easlier stopped. Although honestly like most airguns that are made at home, mine was terribly inaccurate. You would have to be rather unlucky if I actually hit you!

Lokisgodhi (author)Mattrox2014-08-27

And when they get out of the hospital they're going to give you the mother of all beat-downs. Not a good idea.

de0509 (author)Mattrox2012-03-07

yeah, I agree. Reminds me why real guns have safety mechanisms. But I think I know why its so inaccurate. It may be because of the strings. In flight, they 'flail' randomly, causing the trajectory of the bullet to be random as well. You dont need that much string or you could try using a rigid balancer. Try rolling some plastic paper into tubes and insert in the metal case. you know the ones people use to cover the front and backs of documents? its that thing. rigid, but would offer balance to ammo. Hope it works.

But actually, i disagree that darts fly further. they have lower mass, lower inertia and decelerates faster because of air drag. your ammo in the other hand has a lower muzzle velocity but high inertia and would still pack some punches at greater distances. Which is why id love to see you upgrade the ammo into a very accurate one to enable longer range shooting. good luck bro.

Mattrox (author)de05092012-03-08

Your right, If you take a look at the way the bullets evolved. Fist we have the completely inaccurate and probably worthless Instructable:

We have this one we have been talking about.
And we have the most recent stage and the most effective for distance.
I love those ones as they are fun to launch and easy to find!

Ironically the Nail dart is still top dog! 

JeffreyC1 (author)2014-08-24

had to read this to find out he wasn't shooting tampons out of an airgun

juanp (author)2012-06-10


zakamooza (author)2010-12-02

where is the test ? put a vid on youtube

Mattrox (author)zakamooza2010-12-02

My Airgun has developed a irrepairable leak, so my airgun only goes up to 60PSI so wont bother with the video until I make a new Gun.

de0509 (author)Mattrox2012-03-07

have you tried adding pvc solvent on the crack? maybe try dissolving scraps of pvc and make it really damn thick then apply on the crack? sorry if it doesnt work. just that a broken gun is sad to me. which part of the gun exactly?

Mattrox (author)de05092012-03-07

Hahaha, well since this instructable I managed to entirely destory the airgun, after a number of failed fix attempts somehow the game managed to fly out of my hands, at speed, and smash on the ground. Still a mystery to this day, I don't know what could have happened!

zakamooza (author)Mattrox2010-12-03

ok ,how many bars is 60 psi ?

Mattrox (author)zakamooza2010-12-03

4.13685438 bar

ilikeguns (author)2011-08-03

these are really cool i will make them as soon as my gun is finished (and i have the money)

Mattrox (author)ilikeguns2011-08-04

Also if you have a camera, I'd love to see what your gun looks like.

ostomesto (author)2011-01-01

I am so going to do this. I can go through a 15 lb bag of patatoes in a little of an hour or less. Would 1" pvc work for a 1/4 inch barrel. it fits pretty good. I really love this idea I am going to try the other to ways also. Nice instructables

Mattrox (author)ostomesto2011-01-01

I'm not sure to be honest, I don't know my pvc that well lol.

Mattrox (author)2010-12-04

4 and a bit Bars

j.c (author)2009-08-08

is there any way u can make a simpler bullet? (only because i don't have a glue gun or hacksaw)

Mattrox (author)j.c2010-08-08

Or here this is pretty good and easy:

Mattrox (author)j.c2009-08-08

Try my other instructable
or use batteries

jaythedogg (author)2009-09-22

50+ grams is too heavy for a springer or pump air rifle BTW. Also, using metal tubing in a RIFLED barrel is a horrible idea, it could jam or just ruin your rifling. Assuming you use a PCP air rifle (CO2 would be too weak) to shoot these & one jammed in your barrel, it could at the very least destroy your seals, possibly blow your valve & also destroy your gun possibly causing it to rupture sending shrapnel. These are a terrible idea for airguns & should ONLY be used in air cannons. Thank you.

Mattrox (author)jaythedogg2010-08-08

These are ment for air cannons, I will have change the name so I don't confuse anyone

jaythedogg (author)jaythedogg2009-09-22

Also, please note that the "shell" you speak of is actually referring to the round, or the projectile, a shell is used in a powder burner & stays behind, it is only used for housing the powder, primer & bullet prior to firing.

Mattrox (author)jaythedogg2010-08-08

I did but, the word shell does not only mean that.

scott231231 (author)2010-08-08

do they actually shoot

Mattrox (author)scott2312312010-08-08

No they don't shoot anything. How ever they can be shot out of an air cannon/gun.

lemonie (author)2009-08-06

Can they punch a hole straight through a milk bottle of milk?


Mattrox (author)lemonie2009-08-07

UMMMM............ Be right back....................................................Bang!!!!!Sploosh..............................Yes they can!!!!!!!:)

lemonie (author)Mattrox2009-08-07

A video of that would be great...? L

Mattrox (author)lemonie2009-08-07

At the moment i have a little lack of funds (and lack of a working pump lol). When i get money i'll buy a new pump for my airgun (my old one has broke recently). P.s. Im not going to shoot a bottle of milk it might look cool, but it would be a waste. Maybe colored water?????

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