Picture of Homemade Airsoft Masterkey
This is for a short range, high volume airsoft shotgun. It fires 50-60 pellets, depending on how many you load. It's small, so it's very maneuverable, but has a limited range of about 25 feet.
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Step 1: Materials Needed:

Picture of Materials Needed:
Stuff needed to start:
1: A spring. This needs to be stiff enough to fire the pelets a good distance, but not so stiff as to make it impossible to load. Best test is if you can compress it to half it's length with your bare hands, it'll work ok for this.
2: A length of PVC pipe. it needs to have an inside diameter that will fit your spring tightly, and a length to completely hold the spring when its not compressed, plus about an inch.
3: A 1/4 inch bolt that is 1.5 inches long.
4: Two nuts that fit the bolt's threads
5: A retaining pin. This can be any kind of pin, but I recommend getting one with some kind of safety devise to keep it from working it's way out. You'll see what I'm talking about later on
6: Some cardboard
7: Lots of ammo. 
8: Some kind of tube or rod to fit inside the PVC but not inside the spring.

For Tools:
It can be made with a hacksaw and a 1/4 inch push drill, but a Dremel and a power drill help a lot. Also, unless you like the 'plumber' look, some spray paint helps.

Step 2: It Begins!

Picture of It Begins!
To start, cut a 1/4 inch chunk off, put this aside till later.

Step 3: Drilling

Picture of Drilling
To start, drill a 1/4 inch hole at the bottom of the PVC pipe. Make it about 1/4 inch from the bottom. Drill another 1/4 inch from the top. The third hole you see will come in a few steps.
Agh! I'd love to make this but nowhere sells springs like that in the UK. I have no idea why really - seems like our stores only ever sell like the really generic sort of stuff people always buy but nothing like that so you have to get them specially made or something :( Still, great 'ible. Best Masterkey design I've seen so far and a very good tutorial to go with it.
mks_runner (author)  Jai Burlingham1 year ago
If you haven't tried it, you could go to a home improvement or hardware store and ask about glass door or weather door springs. I think they'll be about the right size. I found mine in a junk box in the garage, no idea where it came from.
mks_runner (author)  mks_runner1 year ago
Also, if you can get a broken airsoft rifle, the main spring might be big enough, you would just use a smaller diameter PVC.
Himers1 year ago
Add a stake and trip wire and you have your self a landmine. Great job!!!
mks_runner (author)  Himers1 year ago
I made landmines using some wooden mousetraps, duct tape, fishing line and coat hangers. The masterkey is tough to trip, I could see someone feeling it and not setting it off, but the mousetraps are very sensitive. I might make an instructable on them, I really had forgotten till you mentioned claymores.

I also wrote 'Front towards enemy" and "Surprise, Mother#*$%3%" on the front.
Good point. I will draw up some ideas and maybe make an instructable.
mks_runner (author)  Himers1 year ago
I also made a clip that anchors the loose end of the trigger wire, it was designed to be stuck in the ground, slid in between fence slats or looped around a tree. I can post that, too. They're easy to make and really useful.
oh! thanks for reply! =)
first i will try with cardboard and after that i will try another type with air compression and various pen tubes

check this image (i plan to use cheap plastic toy pistol grip) i think to use a steel rod to compress the spring the black parts are ruber i still planing and searching for materials

(i tried to reply but dont work in this browser)
diagrama.jpgimagem conceitual.jpg
hi! how to hold the bb right in place?? any tips??? i thinking to make a airsoft flare gun with this instructable
mks_runner (author)  gungriffonbr1 year ago
Check out Step Eight, it shows the cardboard circles I use to hold them in place. I tested it by loading it and shaking it upside down to simulate running, no slip at all and it fired perfectly after. The cardboard flexes enough for a good bite inside so it won't slip, comes out when you fire it without slowing down the pellets, and will bio degrade when left at the site.
mks_runner (author)  mks_runner1 year ago
Also, tag me in your flare gun. I want to see what you come up with!
nathanwide1 year ago
Great idea!
thing 22 years ago
You should add a video of you firing it.
mks_runner (author)  thing 21 year ago
Can do. I'll try to get it done this weekend.
first COMMENT!!! all aside, an awesome instructable with all concepts clear. I have just made one and it turned out to be AWESOME!!!
mks_runner (author)  The Pencil Guy2 years ago
What kind of range do you get? I haven't had mine out of the basement, going to test it friday.
mks_runner (author)  The Pencil Guy2 years ago