Step 2: Cut the Water Bottle

Ok, using the razor knife, cut the label off of the water bottle. Then, cut the bottom off of the bottle, be really careful, it's easy to cut yourself. Then, insert the 2in pvc pipe as far as it can go and mark it at the end of the bottle. The pipe should fit very tightly, and you might have some trouble getting it to fit.
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
Im shure this does silence the majority of the muzzle sound, but the majority of the sound from an airsoft gun comes from the action of the spring inside of the gun driving the bolt, no matter wether its electric,or just spring operated. I would think that it would work best with the gas operated ones, because it silences the mussle blast. I made one for my paintball gun, and it does muffle the sound. You can still hear it, but it is hard to tell where its coming from
yeah, must of the noise in my gun comes from the internals, but the silencer helps keep other players from knowing your exact location, especially in places where the internal noise just echoes around. Plus, it looks cool.
If you want to enhance your silencer capabilities: On top of using your home made silencer; If you turn your firearm upside down and look at where the magazine meets the gun - you will find that there are spaces - This is where a good amount of those internal sounds you mentioned can escape. My advise is to take electrical tape and wrap it around your magazine several times until it creates a ring around it that no longer allows you to see the "spaces". Yes, it will look "different" however you may be pleased with the results.
would it help silence a co2 pistol? <br>
yeah, that's what airsoft silencers are supposed to be used for since co2 guns make more sound from the escaping gas than an AEG, where most of the noise comes from the gearbox and not the gas
but on my full blow back .45 the majority of the noise is gas escaping from the slide <br>
hmm sure about that??? weird. that would mean there's a massive amount of co2 leak there. :P but yeah blowbacks are like that i guess. (imo, it looks cool, but wastes gas and is unstealthy cuz its noisy) there's no way to silence the blowback, i don't think.
i made mine for a spring pistol and its almost silent REALLY SILENT!!!!!!!!!!!
in comparison... to... a real gun, you mean? haha. airsoft guns can only get so quiet. In every case, you still hear the action of the trigger, plunger hitting its end, etc etc. unless you put foam insulation all around ur gun.
yea i know but it does quiet the muzzle sound
i made mine based on yours and i gotta say it works<br>
what is the hose clamp for
to hold it to the barrel of the gun
can you use a different type of water bottle and a different width of the pvc
yeah if you can get the pvc and the bottle to be praportonaly correct <br>
this wont work because most of the noise is made by the internal mechanism o but i give 200 stars for looks
great idea for making one, gives me an idea for a silencer. also have you tried stuffing the space between the 2 pipes with foam 1 use ear plugs? they do like 10-40db by themselves an&nbsp;the small air pockets would give an extra muffle boost of like 1db or something
dude aren't&nbsp; box mags expensive<br />
Mine was $50 on Airsplat.com. Its the electric winding version.&nbsp; I'd say its the best deal for all it has. It holds 5000 rounds, and I haven't used regular mags since&nbsp;I got it.&nbsp; Its definitely worth the money if you are trigger happy like me.
i have an aftermath broxa evolution.&nbsp; i made a silence like this, but i didnt use the bottle, and i just attached the silencer to the suppressor, because the broza has a reaking huge but pointless removable supressor. how much is the kirenex, and where did you get it? the broxa is okay, but it has a couple little things that piss me off, the slight innacuracy and the badly placed fire selection lever being some of them.
I've seen it from $150 to $225. Just google it and its in the shopping results.&nbsp; Its funny though, its not on the website i got it from any more, and it isn't even on aftermath airsoft's website, i think they discontinued it.&nbsp; The JG M4 S-system is pretty much the same thing, but the kirenex has better fps, or at least mine did.
Dude i clicked on this wondering if it would fit on my aftermath kirinex and when i opened it i said &quot;Wow Bailey your stupid!&quot; LOL&nbsp;i gotta try this The kirinex is so good planning to get a metal reciver for it!!!
nice m4. wher did u get all of the acc. for it<br />
I got the box mag off of Airsplat.com, the flashlight is just a mini maglite with an old pistol laser mount, and the grip-pod i got at a local airsoft store. The red-dot was from walmart.&nbsp; I dont have the red-dot or grip-pod on any more though, i got a real bipod and put it and the original grip back on. I also put a Bushnell scope and a scope mounted laser-light on.
What king of airsoft gun is that? and how much does it silence the gun
its an Aftermath Kirenex, and it depends on how much noise your gearbox makes, and silencer only muffles the muzzle noise. It does muffle the sound though.
nice AEG, is it an aftermath? it kinda looks like an aftermath kraken.
its an aftermath kirenex.
i made mine out of just pvc and i used cotton balls instead of rags( i think thats what u used) Ive heard home insulation works well to( that fiberglass stuff). Also if the stuff isnt packed in there as tight more air can go into the silecner and muffle the sound better

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