Step 5: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
A bubble tea straw is the perfect size for cutting out Altoids!  If you don't have one, improvise.  Look for something of a similar size - maybe even a bit of copper pipe?  You can really make them any shape you want, so don't feel limited.

After you've cut out all the shapes you can from your "dough", you can re-roll it out and cut more!
PoopD1 year ago

It's also easy to just roll the dough into small balls (think coke balls) and it's less icing sugar and time needing to punch out and reshape dough. I love the sound of the other shaping ideas though! Take care :-)

TheGreatS4 years ago
Couldn't you just roll the Altoids "dough" to the desired width and cut it with a knife? I think you could waste less dough that way (or at least save you the trouble of molding the "dough" back into cut-able size).
I had the same thought but without having made these (yet) I would be concerned that the dough is not dense enough to support a knife cutting it, unless that knife was extremely thin or extremely sharp.

You might end up with squashed shapes simliar to these:

or if you rotate the rolled dough 90 degrees per cut you could get e triangular sharpe like these:

I suspect that using scissors will enhance the look.
Thank you on the clarification. I didn't know the dough wasn't all that strong and couldn't support a knife.
A pizza cutter will probably work easily.